by LETTERING PLUS SIGN COMPANY EASY INSTALLATION GUIDE STEP ONE 609-841-0172 road accident Christian cross Place mounting stake, pointed side down, flat side with holes toward top. Each steak is marked with a red line indicating ground level. Each stake of our roadside and highway cross memorial is marked with a red line indicating ground level, and a red X which should be faced toward roadway or whichever way the cross Memorial will face. Using hammer, pound stake into  ground until red line meets the dirt HELPFUL NOTE......MAKE SURE STAKE IS AS STRAIGHT AS POSSIBLE WHILE POUNDING INTO GROUND AS IT WILL EFFECT THE STRAIGHTNESS OF CROSS! Christian roadside cross STEP 2 Stop when red line is level with ground STEP 3 Place back of roadside / highway memorial cross against mounting stake - pre drilled holes should line up with the holes of the memrial cross mounting stake....push bolts (supplied) through holes in cross and through the highway memorial cross steel mounting stake (head of bolt on memorial cross lettered side) slip on washers, then thread on nuts as shown.. (bolts should go through roadside cross and stake). tighten with pliers, or wrench. COMPLETED INSTALLATION FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS TO INSTALL YOUR MEMORIAL Your Remeberance Memorial is now correctly and strongly secure. The high quality PVC will stand up to weather elements and tough road conditions, giving you peace of mind for years to come. Thank you choosing Rememberance Memorials for all your memorial needs Rememberance Memorials is a division of Lettering Plus Sign Co, makers of all types of signs and graphics in South Jersey Christian highway cross Maintenance Free Road and Highway Cross Memorials personalized road memorial MEMORIAL CROSSES MAIN WEBSITE I too have suffered a loss of loved ones due to a highway accident, I have seen many road side crosses and memorials deteriorate due to weather and the need to replace these memorials frequently. Being a sign shop owner for over 30 years  and working with all the new materials available for exterior signage  I decided to create an easy to install, long lasting roadside, or roadway / highway memorial cross that would not need replacing due to weather for many, many years. The names and dates are engraved into the PVC and painted with an oil base black paint, the ground steak is made from 1/4” angle steel and the kit comes pre-drilled and ready for site installation...many of our customer have told us that this was the most elegant, easy to order and install cross memorial they have used. Our delivery time is allocated at 2 weeks but in many cases we have delivered our highway memorial cross in less time. Thank you for visiting our site and please accept my deepest sympathy at your loss. I hope that our highway memorial cross can ease your burdens in some small way.......Bill Stouch Dedication and Donation Plaques.................$115.00 We now offer plaques for our crosses that feature dedication or donation information Dedications Plaque for Roadway Cross memorials and roadside memorials These plaques offer extra copy space that is not available for engraving on our crosses due to sizing constraints. All lettering is engraved into the plaque as per the lettering on the cross Approx 5 lines of copy avaialble, up to approx 80 charachters Celtic Style road side memorial for accident victims The red line indicated on the cross memorial ground stake should now be at ground level or close. Make sure the remaining part of the memorial cross stake is as straight as possible, this will ensure that the roadside cross / highway memorial cross will be straight and level after attachment Installation of your personalized highway and roadside memorial cross is now complete Our memorial crosses are made of impact resistant PVC and keep their appearance for many years or